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The Dreams Factory is a free, collaborative website with the objective of creating a place for people worldwide to collaborate to turn dreams into reality. 

Dreamers: Do you have a dream that will transform your life, your community, or even the world but need the help of others to make it come true? 

​• Facilitators: Do you want to help others achieve their dreams? 

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How it works

1. Share your dream: Share your dream with us by completing the below "Contact Us" form.

2. Formalize the project: Our Dream Factory team will review all received dreams and will be in touch with you to elaborate on the request and agree to next steps. 

3. Involve others: Approved dreams will be shared with our network of facilitators (and the world wide web) through our website & newsletter. We will then help build a high performing team of experts who will facilitate the realization of each dream.

(Shout out to facilitators: if you want to support a dream please reach out to share your interest and qualifications)

4. Turn dreams to reality: The team of dreamers and facilitators is assembled and will collaborate to turn dreams into reality. The Dreams Factory team will continue supporting and coordination throughout all stages of the project.

Together dreaming onwards and upwards.


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